Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Preppy Life: The Preppy Pet

There are few things dearer to a Prep’s heart than his or her pet. (Many Preps, in fact, are far more expressive of affection for their dog than for their children or spouse. This is, of course, one instance where the American WASP mentality is tied directly and inextricably to his ancestor: The Repressed Brit). The Preppy pet is a dog, and not a small, carry-it-in-your handbag sort of dog of the type popularized by Elle Woods and Paris Hilton. No, those are accessories, not pets, and they are NOT Preppy.

The Prep dog is medium to large in size and can be a rescue dog (usually a mutt) or a purebred. Perpetual Prep favorites are, of course, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Both breeds are exceptionally popular because of their well-deserved reputations as “family dogs.” They are friendly, playful and generally very good with children. Classic Prep believes that rescued mixes are often an even better choice, and not only because they are in need of homes. Mutts are often smarter and less prone to health problems than purebreds; centuries of inbreeding are the cause of diseases common to Goldens and Labs such as joint dysplasia, cataracts and arthritis. (No offense to the people we know, most of whom are also the consequence of centuries of inbreeding). SPCA, Humane Society
Under no circumstances does the Preppy dog wear clothing or accessories (other than, of course, a collar). No matter how much you insist that your dog “just loves” wearing that pink velour hoodie, she does not. She feels ridiculous in it, and you look ridiculous for putting her in it. If you clothe your pet, stop reading. You are not Preppy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fantabulously Frugal

It is no secret that we at Classic Prep love nice things.  We also love to spoil our loved ones (and ourselves!) around the holidays.  But what we really, really love is an opportunity to spoil ourselves for FREE around the holidays!  On that note, we are loving Fantabulously Frugal's 2009 Holiday Giveaway.  The chance to win Gucci sunglasses, Voluspa candles and Paper Source cards as well as accessories from Kate Spade, Vera Bradley and Etsy designers?  Yes, please! 

Gotta love their tagline... "You deserve the best"!