Thursday, October 22, 2009

Preppy Accessories: The Preppy Man

The Preppy Man

Photo from Ralp Lauren

A Preppy Man is the most imoprtant accessory for a Preppy Woman.  Attire for the Preppy Man is even easier than for the Preppy Woman. Preppy men learned to dress in Prep School, and haven’t changed their style since. Think of male Preppy dressing as a uniform, with the only thing that changes being accessories.

Button down (Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines or J. Crew) or polo shirt (Lacoste, Vineyard Vines or Ralph Lauren), tucked in
Khakis- Plain front, light tan khakis (J. Crew’s in Stone)

Footwear- Sperry Topsiders, New Balance 993 Sneakers or flip flops (Rainbow), L. L. Bean boots
Accessories- Ribbon or needlepoint belts, Oakley or Ray Ban sunglasses with Croakies, baseball cap from regatta or alma mater, sweater or Patagonia fleece if chilly

Navy Blazer With Gold Buttons

Photo from Ralph Lauren
White Button Down
Accessories- Colorful tie (Vineyard Vines, CK Bradley, J. Crew). Variation: Colorful bow tie

Classic Black Tuxedo
Too many G&Ts


  1. I love preppy man's style!! They are so cute and handsome in it!!

  2. I LOVE preppy men's clothes! Especially a man in Brooks Brothers attire. ;) Keep up the good work!!

  3. What is the beat tuxedo shoe for a June wedding for the groom? The tux is Ralph Lauren of course!