Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preppy Accessories: The Tote

L.L. Bean Boat ‘N’ Tote
The Prep has used this classic L.L. Bean tote - monogrammed, of course - for as long as she can remember. She was certainly exposed to it in utero on her parents’ frequent weekend jaunts to the Hamptons (“before they were popular”). This tote is especially useful for packing the Range Rover to head to Nantucket, carrying a bocce set to Oyster Bay or toting sample favors for a Met benefit around the city. High school and college-aged Preps also use this tote in lieu of a handbag.

Longchamp Pliage
The Prep fell in love with Longchamp on her first trip to Paris, and the affair has not cooled.  Le Pliage is versatile, going from school or work to Martignetti's to the beach with ease, and it comes in many colors, from pastels to brights to neutrals, to complement any Prep wardrobe.

Vera Bradley
The Prep loves Vera Bradley primarily for its luggage - the colorful duffels in pretty prints are perfect for hopping on the Jitney on Friday afternoons in August - but also loves their totes for their durability and ease of care (they’re machine washable).

CK Bradley
The Prep first discovered CK Bradley when the designer held trunk shows at the Prep’s boarding school or college campus, and she immediately fell in love with the bright colors, fun prints and whimsical designs that the label is known for. Many Preps faithfully carried their first CK Bradley tote every day for several years straight in high school or college, despite the stains and frayed edges that would inevitably occur with such prolonged use.


  1. LOVE love love your blog!!! I'm with you, there are some gaps since 1980. But scary to see how many remain consistent. I hope you'll check out my TOPH challenge. Each day I compare a page of the book to my actual life. and I'm giving away some fun stuff too. Love to have you join in



  2. Love love love your blog!! I love my Herve Chapelier bags too!!!

  3. This is a fabulous blog! Can't wait to read more. NM